Sonic Tension Meter - Deflection tension testers
Improper belt tension, either too high or too low, will cause belt durability problems. The use of high-quality Gates belts requires using a tension tester to make sure your drive is properly tensioned. Correct tension and installation extends belt life and reduces costly downtime.

Gates has a variety of tension testers available:

  • Deflection tension testers

    Measure the deflection force. Consist of a calibrated spring with two scales: one to measure the deflection in millimetres and another to measure the applied deflection force.

    • Single tension tester Measures up to ± 120 N/12 kg deflection force Typically used for single V-belt drives
    • Double tension tester Measures up to ± 300 N/30 kg deflection force Typically used for wide, heavy PowerBand® applications
  • Electronic tension testers

    Belt tension testing for the 21st century. Consistent, accurate tension readings every time. Measure the tension by analysing the sound waves which the belt produces when strummed under static conditions.

    • Sonic tension meter 308C
    • Sonic tension meter 507C