PowerGrip® timing belt tensioner


(Product type 7883)

Thanks to their high strength and low weight, combined with long life, low noise and fuel consumption advantages, Gates timing belts are used extensively for driving the camshafts of modern automotive engines. This is a demanding task, requiring correct tensioning to ensure that belt performance is maintained at the optimum level. 

Tension is provided by a tensioner, which is either fixed or automatic. With a fixed tensioner, the installer needs to make sure it is installed correctly in order to provide the correct tension. Automatic tensioners, on the other hand, adjust themselves in order to maintain constant tension.

Automatic tensioners are designed into the belt drive system for several reasons:
• Proper tension is maintained throughout the belt life.
• They increase belt life because the belt is maintained at an ideal tension under all conditions.
• They eliminate the need for a relatively difficult tensioning operation during installation, so the belt is always installed at the right tension – and stays there!