Linear Synchronous Belting - Long Length Synchro-Power®
Gates Synchro-Power® polyurethane belts are designed for long lasting and energy-efficient performance on both power transmission and linear applications. These belts feature highly flexible, wear and fatigue resistant polyurethane to suit a wide range of loads, speeds and applications. They are manufactured as endless and openend belts in various sizes, constructions and tooth designs. Our product quality is visible through numerous details: tight and accurate tolerances guarantee perfect tooth meshing. Gates Synchro-Power® blue sleeves are the most recent addition to the polyurethane belt product range and can be easily recognised by their blue color. They are cast on fixed moulds with thermoset polyurethane in combination with helically wound steel and aramid cords available in widths up to 380 mm. They are commonly used for automatic assembly operations, horizontal and vertical doors, printing applications, conveying equipment, textile industry, packaging machinery, and many more
  • Synchro-Power® truly endless (cast) belts:
    • Standard lengths up to 2250 mm.
  • Synchro-Power® Long Length belts:
    • Manufactured as open-end, extruded belts which can be easily cut to length.
    • Roll lengths up to 100 m available.
    • Special lengths are available upon request.
    Wide range of standard tooth profiles to meet al application requirements.
  • Clean, quiet and smooth-running operation with low maintenance features.
  • Standard product suited for -5°C up to +70°C.
    For applications outside this range, please consult your Gates representative.