MegaCrimp® couplings

MegaCrimpCompetitive couplings are a compromise
MegaCrimp® couplings set a new standard for hydraulic couplings. The unique “C” insert ensures “weepfree” concentric crimping to keep equipment and the environment clean. These versatile couplings can crimp a wide range of medium-pressure hoses, which simplifies inventory needs. And they’re fast and easy to crimp, making them ideal for field installation.

The secret: it’s an inside job
It’s what’s inside the MegaCrimp® coupling that gives it world-class performance. The patented MegaCrimp® coupling “C” insert can be used on hoses with different constructions and wall thicknesses. In addition, the “C” insert’s design assures crimping forces are evenly distributed to form a concentric seal. The unique “C” insert simplifies your inventory requirements. One size of MegaCrimp® coupling can accommodate various hose outside diameters, one-and two-wire hoses. And here’s an added bonus: the MegaCrimp® coupling is a fully qualified DIN-performance coupling.

“C” insert starts round, stays round
During crimping only the MegaCrimp® coupling’s outside shell takes on the shape of the dies. Inside, the “C” insert stays round – like the hose. There’s no “polygon effect”. Competitors’ one-piece couplings distort the hose tube, which can contribute to the formation of leak paths.

Gripping power and the optimum insertion force
The MegaCrimp® coupling features optimum insertion force. Not too tight. Not too loose. You can feel it “hit bottom” when you insert it. Once inserted, the MegaCrimp® coupling stays inserted. It won’t fall out. And the advanced design of the MegaCrimp® coupling tooth profile “bites-the-wire” for excellent coupling retention.

Key features
• Robust “bite-the-wire” crimp
• Versatile
• Low profile
• Full stem insertion
• Full-length crimp
• Easy-to-manage inventory reduces SKUs
• TuffCoat™ plating for 400% better corrosion resistance
• Fully qualified DIN-performance coupling