Variable speed belts - Multi-Speed™

Gates Multi-Speed belt provides top performance on variable speed drives. It adjusts itself to the pulley groove without difficulty, providing a wide range of speeds and speed ratios. In addition to the standard Multi-Speed belt line, special sizes (top width, thickness and angle) are available on request.

Durable marking plus printed size.
  • Engineered notch contour increases flexibility. The notches ensure maximum heat dispersion, considerably decreasing running temperatures.
  • Strong transverse rigidity offers high resistance to distorsion of the belt in the pulley. This results in even load distribution and wear reduction.
  • Uniform composition and thickness of the undercord ensure smooth and silent running.
  • Combination of these construction features gives maximum speed adjustment.
  • Maximum range of speed changes.
  • High load-carrying capacity.
  • Smooth machine operation.
  • Exceptionally long belt life.