Micro-V® Kit


The best way to guarantee a reliable accessory belt drive system is to change multi-ribbed belts and all related belt drive components at the same time. That is exactly why Gates now offers you the most extensive Micro-V® kit range in the market. Each kit is specifically composed for its application(s) and includes one or more Gates branded multi-ribbed belts together with the matching metal parts, all handily packed in a solid cardboard box. No loose components to stock, only one part to source. Put simply, Gates Micro-V® kits offer the perfect solution for efficient and safe replacement!


A flawless operation of the car’s accessory belt drive depends on every component working as a team. If any component fails, the entire system breaks down resulting in extensive and costly repair. The best way to avoid this is to go for a complete overhaul of the accessory drive with Gates Micro-V® kit which contains all the necessary components in guaranteed OE quality. In addition, Gates, as a true accessory belt drive system specialist, offers the necessary expert tools and training to enable perfect installation and maintenance. And that’s what it takes to make customers return.

OUR RANGE OF Micro-V® Horizon™ KITS

With our range of Micro-V® kits you can service practically any of your customers’ cars with a reliable all-in-one-kit. In addition to Micro-V® Horizon™ belts, tensioners and idlers, this range now also offers kits with matching torsional vibration dampers and/or overrunning alternator pulleys. And what’s more: if it’s Gates branded, you know all components fit perfectly, install easily and are guaranteed OE quality. So Gates Micro-V® kits offer you high customer satisfaction levels and peace of mind.

Don’t take any risk. Fit a Gates Micro-V® kit.