DriveAlign® overrunning alternator pulleys

DriveAlign torsional vibration damper(Product type 7789)

Seat heating, air conditioning and other additional accessories require extra electrical power, which
causes the vehicle manufacturers to utilise ever heavier alternators, compromising the belt performance during deceleration of the engine. Drive system specialists created the overrunning alternator pulley which, as opposed to a conventional solid alternator pulley,
allows the alternator to “free-wheel” or “overrun” every time the engine decelerates and absorbs vibrations. Almost every recent car model is equipped with such a device and by adding the OE equivalent DriveAlign® overrunning alternator pulley to its range, Gates can now offer the aftermarket all components necessary for a complete overhaul of the accessory belt drive system.

  • OE fit and function
  • Cover all popular applications
  • Supplied with protective cover
  • Specialist removal and installation tools available

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