How did you test your belt during the development phase?
How did you test your belt during the development phase?
Constructions variables were subjected to both laboratory and extensive field testing. A primary laboratory tester was developed just for this product. It consists of an automotive V8 engine (to assure that plenty of power was available), snow-V clutch system, large flywheel (to simulate the acceleration loads) and a high capacity water brake (to simulate the wind/friction/snow loads at high speed).

The belts were subjected to wide open throttle acceleration cycles twice a minute. The test was also designed to simulate the twisting and torquing of the sled frame. The tester is computer controlled and an extensive data acquisition system was developed.

The field testing was separated into two categories. The first was a network of aggressive riders/racers with hyper-sleds. These riders were located in areas that frequently encountered deep powder snow and steep slopes (worst conditions we could find). The second field test program was a large sample size general user evaluation. This phase of the field testing involved an extensive written survey in order to quantify each characteristic being evaluated (i.e. clutching, shifting, acceleration, etc.)