Why should I buy your belt at a premium price?
Why should I buy your belt at a premium price?
Gates Xtreme belt was developed to appeal to the "hyper-sled"/aggressive rider. Our customer research indicated that the replacement and OEM belts in the marketplace were not giving satisfactory service when subjected to severe conditions. Our testing -- both laboratory and extensive field testing on a variety of sleds -- was aimed at the toughest conditions the product was expected to encounter. See additional testing information in other FAQ's.

The resulting belt has a proprietary rubber compound capable of withstanding the tremendous loads the hyper-sleds produce. This compound utilizes the latest composite technology. This technology does not come cheap! However, we believe that the major benefits listed below justify the investment:
  • Long life under extreme conditions (our testing suggests at least a 30% improvement, and many riders of hyper-sleds experience 2 to 3 times the life).
  • Uniform performance over the life of the belt. (Belt sidewall characteristics remain uniform and wear is minimal -- even after many hard miles of riding).
  • The belt has virtually no "fade" under even the worst riding conditions.