I get less than 100 miles on most of my belts -- Why?
I get less than 100 miles on most of my belts -- Why?
Belt life of less than 200 -- 300 miles (even on hyper-sleds) can indicate one or more clutch system problems. This is especially true if several belts with different constructions experience abnormally low life. The most likely problems would be clutch component wear (weight pivot bushings, spider rollers, weight surfaces, spider/slider bushings, etc.) or drive misalignment. It is also possible that an improper belt fit adjustment can contribute to early failure.

Belt fit and alignment measurement methods and adjustments are described in manufacturer's manuals. These adjustments can be checked and adjusted by any qualified dealer, and are often performed by the "mechanically skilled" snowmobile owner.

Clutches are subject to wear and failure just like belts. Most experts recommend that clutches be serviced at least once a year. Clutches on hyper-sleds require more frequent inspection because of the extreme leads on various parts in the clutch system. Gates strongly recommends that clutch reconditioning be performed by a qualified dealer because of the special tools required, and because there are some safety issues involved. This service should include complete disassembly and rebuild as necessary.