What's important when selecting a snowmobile belt for racing?
What's important when selecting a snowmobile belt for racing?
A racing belt must have several high performance properties. At the top of the list, the belt must be strong durable and provide instant response.

According to The Gates Rubber Company, manufacturer of the Xtreme® snowmobile belt, racers should consider the following tips when selecting a belt. Foremost, the belt should resit fatigue, stretch and growth. These features, derived from using Dupont Kevlar® reinforcement, result in a drive system that allows the clutch assembly to efficiently transfer power to the track. In racing, high efficiency results in quick acceleration and high speeds.

Kevlar® reinforcement also provides up to 25 percent longer belt life due to its ability to withstand the flexing and cycling that hyper-sleds can generate.

Racers should also be aware that belt construction materials significantly affect the characteristics of the clutch system. High-performance belts made for aggressive riding require that the pulleys be calibrated to exert the correct tension on the belt to reduce slip. This often will require adjusting existing clutch components or substituting new components to optimize system performance.

Racers have special equipment needs, especially transmission components. Their primary need is to select a belt that is consistent, provides quick acceleration and is durable enough to finish the race. Gates Xtreme belt fulfills these requirements. It is recommended for snowmobiles in the 440cc to 900cc, and up, range.