DriveAlign® Laser pulley alignment tool

                        DriveAlign® Laser pulley alignment tool

-- to achieve reliable and long lasting accessory belt drive systems --

DriveAlignLaserToolCorrect pulley alignment is a critical factor for the lifetime of the multi-ribbed belt, and thus of the functioning of the accessory belt drive system.  With the DriveAlign® Laser, Gates offers a lightweight and easy-to-use tool help identify the most common types of misalignment which reduce belt and pulley service life and produce unwanted noise.  

One simply has to position the tool within the grooves of a pulley and aim its bright laser beam at an opposite pulley.  Any misalignment is instantly visible.  The tool is compatible with most automotive serpentine belt drives.  

Each DriveAlign® Laser Alignment Tool package contains following components: 

• DriveAlign® laser + battery

• a pair of safety glasses

• booklet with operating instructions

• alignment calibration template

• adjustment Allen-key

• elastic holding bands