Visit Gates:
Hall 24 Stand B16/3
Exhibition Grounds, 30521 Hanover (Germany)
Date: 8 - 12 April

Gates introduces new products at Hanover
Gates Industrial Europe will present a range of high quality specialty hose range designed and manufactured to convey urea-based fluids for SCR (selective catalytic reduction) emissions control systems. The Gates SCR system has proved very successful in reducing emissions and thus has been accepted as the right answer to meet the stringent EUR VI regulations that are progressively coming into place for heavy diesel-powered vehicles. Thanks to Gates revolutionary carbon fiber braided sleeve, thawing and uniform fluid heating can happen much quicker than any alternative heated-wire design available in the market. Customizable hose lengths offer greater flexibility in design while thermoplastic over-molds offer an increased protection to electrical connections against moisture and corrosion.

Gates has developed a new coupling, the GlobalSpiral Maximum™ coupling, enabling for a no-skive solution across his entire hose range. The GSM coupling is a one-piece design with a pre-installed ferrule and has a stem that is machined from a single piece of solid steel for greater strength and integrity. This coupling ensures a greater longevity and reliability to hydraulic systems and less downtime on applications up to 2” and 420 bar. It offers a true leak-free solution, eliminating the risk of fluid power system contamination and coupling blow-offs caused by improper skiving. At the event of designing GSM couplings, Gates has also extended his range with the newly developed 32EFG6K hose. Aligned with Gates philosophy in spiral assemblies, also these new combinations withstand 1,000,000 impulse cycles at +121°C with no evidence of stress cracks in the tubing!

PowerGrip® GTX, Gates’ latest innovation in high performance synchronous products. In search of a high-strength, low elongation, quiet operation and extreme shock load resistance, this line covers the widest range of applications for which long service life and thorough operational reliability are mandatory. From wood processing and paper industry equipment to compressors, machine tools, roller conveyors, heat ventilation air exchange drives, food processing machines…

The new timing belt is designed to run on existing drives and is HTD® pulley compatible. Manufactured in Europe, it is heat and oil resistant, static-conductive and silent running. With drastically increased power ratings, PowerGrip® GTX belt is currently the strongest rubber synchronous belt on the market, ideal to upgrade existing HTD® or PowerGrip® GT3 applications.

With these new developments, Gates further establishes itself as the specialist in advanced power transmission and fluid transfer solutions for the widest range of applications in a variety of industries.