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October, 2006

Kontakt: Kathy Brysse
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Micro-V® XF Project Team wins prestigious 2006 Charles C. Gates Award for Excellence

On Thursday October 12, the Micro-V® XF Project Team was named the recipient of the 2006 Charles C. Gates Award for Excellence. The 32-member team was selected out of seven finalist teams following presentations to the nine-member Selection Committee in Denver

In less than a year the Micro-V® XF Belt Project Team developed and introduced a new belt product line, making it the first Gates European automotive aftermarket team to complete a project of such scope. The revision included developing a new belt construction to changes in manufacturing, packaging and the marketing communications materials related to the new belt line.

The Micro-V® XF belt is a replacement belt sold to the automotive aftermarket. The team’s objectives at the start of the project were to:

  • create the quietest multi-ribbed belt in the automotive market,  
  • develop a range of products that had exactly the same high quality regardless of where they were manufactured, and  
  • create smaller increments in belt length to produce belts to OE fit. The goal was to enhance Gates image as a leader in technology and innovation.

The outcome of the project is a line of belts for automotive accessory belt drives that, to date, consists of 542 SKUs, covers 16,443 applications and reinforces Gates leadership position in the European aftermarket. Both the number of SKUs and the number of applications are by far the highest available in the European automotive aftermarket. Reasons enough for the Evaluation Committee to elect the Micro‑V® XF project.

The Charles C. Gates Award for Excellence is awarded to the team or individual within the Tomkins companies that best exemplifies a spirit of commitment and determination through superlative achievement in customer satisfaction, financial impact, innovation and teamwork. The award was introduced in 1992 by Charles C. Gates Junior, the founder’s son, who led the company from 1961 until it was acquired by Tomkins PLC in 1996. Tomkins PLC continued this tradition by presenting the bronze sculpture trophy every year. 

This year, the Charles C. Gates Evaluation Committee had selected seven finalists out of 28 nominees. The list of finalists included: 

1) Micro-V® XF Project (Gates Corporation)
2) H60 We Can and We Will - Global Focus on Hyundai Business (Gates Corporation)
3) CabRunner™ IPS (Gates Corporation)
4) Lasco Bathware's Robotic Production Line (Lasco Bathware)
5) Aftermarket Capless Replacement Fuel Cap / InStant Fill (Stant Manufacturing)
6) Planetary Gear Carrier – Output Carrier 6L80E Transmission (Stackpole PMG)
7) Tomkins Global Logistics Initiative (Tomkins)

Representatives from these seven teams were invited at the Gates Corporation World Headquarters in Denver on October 12th to present their projects to the Evaluation Committee. The Micro-V® XF Project Team, represented by Frank Baart, Vega Colom, Ann Sabbe and Mariusz Wajda, convinced the Evaluation Committee of the value of their project. 


Gates award hat

Gates award
The Charles C. Gates Award of Excellence

Charles C. Gates Senior, who started The Gates Rubber Company in Denver (Colorado) in 1911, was fond of exhorting people to “throw your hat across the creek.”

This expression came from the old west, where crossing rivers and creeks was difficult for the covered wagons. Pioneers sometimes threw their hats to the other side of the creek as an incentive to cross. Throwing the hat was a solid commitment to continue moving forward.