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Akcesoria do maszyn do zaciskania

                        Akcesoria do maszyn do zaciskania

Quick Die Change

The universal quick die change allows fast and easy change of dies without risk of damage to the die sets.
The transparent shield of the quick die change allows you to quickly and safely position die sets into the master dies of the crimper head. A single press of the closing button is enough to lock the dies safely in place and rapidly produce a perfect hose assembly.
 quick die change



Marking dies 

To facilitate compliance with the European Machinery Directive, which insists that finished assemblies are marked with the manufacturer’s name and the manufacturing date code, a range of marking dies is now available for the MCX 50, MCX 30, MCX 25 and MCX 20 machines.

  marking dies



MCX-matic electronic control

For workshop professionals who want to automate their assembly production and limit the chance for
micrometer setting mistakes, MCX-matic electronic control is available. This built-in feature with pressure force display eliminates manual gauge setting and controls the maximum pressure needed for your requested crimp diameter.
 MCX-matic electronic control

e-Crimp: online crimp settings in seconds 

You no longer need to search through a stockpile of cd-roms to find the correct crimp settings. Go to /europe/e-crimp and use our fast sign-up procedure to obtain correct crimp settings in seconds!
After logging in, you can access the Crimp Data Sheets, sorted by machine type. Select your machine type and print out an up-to-date sheet with accurate crimp data
information or download the pdf documents to your desktop or mobile devices. Regular e-mails from our engineers keep you up to date about the newest crimp settings in the market.


 e-crimp online



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