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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave September 9, 2008

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates adds new specialist tools to its range

Gates is pleased to announce a further expansion of its professional automotive tool range with 6 completely new tool kits, 4 upgrades of currently available kits and 14 new single tools associated with existing kits.
Why specialised tooling?
Increasingly, belt setup procedures are drive system specific.  In order to ensure that installation can be achieved correctly and according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations the correct tool must be used.  Without these specialist tools, errors can occur during drive system maintenance.  Consequences include premature failure of the drive belt or tensioner, damaged drive system components or even the complete destruction of the engine itself. 
Being aware of the implications of premature belt failure for the garages and attempting to address the growing need for greater expertise, Gates chose to complement its broad range of replacement products with professional tools that ensure a perfect installation and offer the mechanic all he needs for a thorough drive system overhaul. This tool range includes engine-specific timing tools plus a full range of general tools such as multi-locks, uni-locks, sprocket holding tools, tensioner pin sets, camshaft sprocket removers as well as the STT-1 tension tester.  To facilitate installation even further a detailed handling instruction is enclosed in every kit.
Additions to the range
The range is carefully selected to cover the most popular car engines and also installation critical engines. New to the engine-specific range for example is the tool kit for 2.7 TDV6 in Jaguar, Land Rover and PSA engines. Apart from the camshaft locking pins this kit contains sophisticated flywheel locking tools for cars equipped with manual or automatic transmission. Another addition is a flywheel holding set for Ford 1.8/2.0 TDCi and 1.6 Ti-VCT engines. In all there are 6 completely new engine-specific tool kits.  In order to cover newer versions of particular engine families 4 tool kits have been upgraded. Another 14 new single tools associated with existing kits complement the range. These include camshaft sprocket holding tools, crankshaft pulley holding/removal tools, flywheel holding and TDC positioning tools.
“Today’s diversity and complexity in engines require not only a more specific know-how of garage mechanics but also specialised tools and parts,” says regional Sales Manager Oliver Sander. “Gates overall aim is to provide the independent garages with a complete package that includes product, technical support, training and specialist tools that ensure a perfect installation.”