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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave June 29, 2005

Contact: Nele Cools

[email protected]

Gates joins club MED (Marine Equipment Directive)

Gates obtains the EC Certificate of Conformity - Marine Equipment Directive

The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) (96/98/EC) covers certain equipment carried and used on ships registered under the flags of European Union member states.  This new European Directive has come into effect on March 1st, 2005.  

It is aimed at ensuring that equipment which has to meet the requirements of international conventions, additionally meets a common standard of safety and performance.

It also ensures that certificates issued by European Union member states, or on their behalf by notified bodies, are acceptable to each member state through the harmonisation of their approval requirements. 

Requirements of the MED :

  1. Hoses to be used on equipment carried and used on ships registered under the flags of European Union member states must now carry a shipwheel mark, along with an approval number given by an authorized body.  
  2. Only hose manufacturers that have obtained an EC Type Examination Certificate and have undergone a quality audit by an authorized body shall be given such a number. 
  3. The manufacturer of these hoses shall issue an EC declaration of conformity along with a copy of the MED type examination certificate (issued by the authorized body) for each shipment of hose.  This declaration of conformity must indicate the production batch.   
  4. Copies of both documents must be enclosed to each delivery to the final user of the hose assemblies.

We are now pleased to announce that we have obtained a module B and D certificate for the following range of hoses, made in our Belgian plant : M3K, CM2T and EFG6K.  

For MED applications, we have created a dedicated range of the above hoses
- labelled with the shipwheel mark and our approval number :
example of the MED hose label
- carrying a unique EC declaration of conformity in each box