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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave April 15, 2009

Contact: Kathy Brysse

[email protected]

Gates applies advanced RFID technology for easy hose tracking

Gates will use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags on its hose assemblies for quicker and easier hose assembly identification. With this advanced technology fleet operators or Gates personnel have instant access to hose assembly information allowing fast ordering of replacement parts. 
In the field it can be hard to identify hose assembly details such as type, length, coupling, etc. Especially for equipment that operates under harsh conditions this can be a difficult task. With Gates RFID technology this is no longer a problem: an ID tag which stores the unique information of the assembly is attached to the hose assembly. The data stored can be transferred to a reader using radio waves. 
This is how it works:
Gates or the Fleet Manager will maintain a database in which the universal identification of the RFID tag attached to the assembly is stored. In case of the need for assembly service, the fleet operator or Gates maintenance personnel scans the tag using a PDA or handheld application with an RFID reader which then provides the information on the assembly that was stored in the database. With this hose information the customer can perform service on the assembly or easily order a replacement when necessary. 
What is more, the fleet operator cannot only view the data stored but can also update and add hose assembly information on the handheld application. The data on the handheld application and the main database will need to be synchronized at regular intervals.
Already used in libraries, passports or for E-tolling on motorways, this technology offers a lot of advantages for the hydraulic hose business as well. Gates makes millions of hose assemblies every year that end up around the world. An easy hose tracking and identification system allows the manufacturer to increase the response time to the customer even further resulting in even less downtime. In addition, the system enables relationships and business potential to be developed between distributors, fleet operators and end users to ensure equipment usage, and therefore revenues, are maximized.