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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave April 15, 2009

Contact: Kathy Brysse

[email protected]

Gates no-skive across the range

- New no-skive couplings for large bore dimensions -
Gates brings to market new 1-piece GlobalSpiral High pressure (GSH) couplings for 6-spiral EnviroFluid hoses and 2-piece GlobalSpiral Plus (GSP) couplings for both large bore 4-spiral and wire-braid hydraulic hoses. The new GSP and GSH designs are no–skive, tested to one million impulse cycles and compatible with biodegradable hydraulic fluids.
Gates GlobalSpiral™ coupling design is known for its superior performance on extreme high pressure and high-impulse hydraulic applications. Gates has taken this design one step further and now introduces no-skive solutions for large bore hose dimensions in -24/-32, featuring all the advantages of the Gates GlobalSpiral design. This family of couplings exceeds all SAE and EN specifications and testing standards, surpassing one million impulse cycles without failure.
For 6-spiral wire hoses Gates introduces GlobalSpiral High pressure (GSH) in conjunction with new Envirofluid spiral hoses. The GSH is a one-piece (ferrule is pre-attached to the stem) coupling for 24EFG5K and 32EFG5K EnviroFluid hoses up to 350 bar working pressure. 
For 4-spiral and wire braid hoses Gates added GlobalSpiral Plus (GSP) to their range. As the stem of this 2-piece coupling can be used for both types of hose, the inventory space, weight and cost can be reduced considerably. The introduction of the GSP coupling also brings about the introduction of the new 24EFG3K and 32EFG3K Envirofluid hoses on which the couplings are crimped.
Gates GSP and GSH no-skive assemblies offer a safer and cleaner working environment. Next to elimination of leak paths, the risk of couplings blowing off because of improperly skived hoses is reduced. No-skive couplings also reduce assembly time and eliminate the need for skiving equipment. Inside hose contamination is also no longer a worry since no-skiving means no dust or odour. All these features make the hose-coupling interface to be a guaranteed leak-free component. Furthermore, the hoses too are completely leak-free since Envirofluid hoses ensure full compatibility with biodegradable fluids like synthetic esters, polyglycols and vegetable oils.
The 24PCM/GS and 32PCM together with 24GxK and 32GxK will be taken out of the range and replaced with the above new couplings and corresponding hoses. The 24 & 32 skive ES couplings which were being used on the Gates large bore hose programme, will also be removed from the range.