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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave March 19, 2009

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Facts about Gates expertise in accessory belt drive systems

A new brochure by Gates, a leading manufacturer of automotive components, explains the current challenges found in accessory belt drive systems. The brochure also informs about technologies used in the company’s products in order to live up to those challenging requirements. In addition, Gates presents its complete set of services and solutions to overcome the most demanding conditions found in today’s highly advanced engine designs.
A major challenge for belt manufacturers today is the growing complexity and compactness of vehicle engines.  The accessory belt drive system is expected to provide power to a growing number of accessories with different power needs. Power hungry alternators, air conditioning compressors and power steering all need to be driven by the accessory belt drive system putting a lot of stress on the belt and the other components.  Furthermore, cramming anincreasing number of active applications into a limitedamount of space leads to higher under-the-bonnet temperatures under which belt drive components have to perform. This results in increasing wear to belts and metal components.
In the new brochure ‘Facts about Gates expertise in accessory belt drive technology’ the component manufacturer explains how its products live up to those challenging conditions without loss of durability and performance. One of the striking examples is the use of EPDM (instead of Chloroprene), a highly advanced combination of materials, in all Gates Micro-V® XF belts. Gates is the only manufacturer using this material that shows excellent resistance to wear, flex fatigue and high and low temperatures.
More information can be found through the following link from where the entire brochure can also be downloaded: