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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave November 24, 2005

Contact: Nele Cools

Gates Micro-V® XF multi-ribbed belt range also includes PJ profiles for cars with a second fan

In order to be able to serve the widest range of multi-ribbed belt applications, the recently launched Gates Micro-V® XF belt line also includes belts with a PJ profile.  PJ profile belts are used in cars where a second fan is installed, e.g. on VAG and Mercedes applications.  Gates explains the details of this type of application. 

For many years the PJ profile was only used for industrial applications, especially in the “white goods” sector, as drive belts for washing machines and tumble dryers.  More recently, these small multi-ribbed belts were introduced in the automotive industry, where the main applications are ventilator (fan) drives. 

Usually the basic engine configuration only has 1 fan, which is electrically driven. In cases where additional cooling is needed (cars with air conditioning, with a factory installed tow bar, for taxis, etc), a second fan is installed, in order to pull more cooling air through the radiator. This second fan is often driven from the first by a 2 or 3 rib PJ belt.  To date only VAG and Mercedes are using this kind of belt.

The main difference between a standard multi-ribbed belt profile (PK) and a PJ belt is the size of the rib profile: a PJ profile is quite a bit smaller than a PK profile, the rib width only being 2.34 mm compared to 3.56 mm, while the height is 3.6 mm compared to 4.45 mm.

A PJ belt cannot function under the same loads as a PK belt, but that is not required on these specific applications. A compact drive is what is needed in the restricted front-end compartment.

Apart from normal wear, replacement of the belts is mainly required where the bearing of one of the fans has failed, or after an accident (fans are very close to the front of the car).    A Gates tip for installation: “Different than on other multi-ribbed belt applications, where you should never force a belt over the pulleys, these PJ belts have to be ‘pulled’ over the second fan pulley by force, as there is no adjustment on the drive.  Make sure this is done carefully, without damaging the belt or pulley.”