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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave April 23, 2004

Contact: Ann Sabbe

Gates launches extended Gates SynchroPower® polyurethane belt line

Gates continually expands its range with new, technologically advanced products.  The extended Gates SynchroPower® synchronous belt range in polyurethane establishes conclusive proof of this statement.  The existing range comprising single belts, slabs and open-end belts has been extended by numerous pitch profiles and a vast amount of open-end belt constructions (LL) and now also holds Welded belts (W) and Gates Truly Endless belts (GTE).

Gates SynchroPower® polyurethane belts are highly wear resistant: Gates SynchroPower® LL and W belts can be supplied with nylon tooth and/or back facing.  Unlike rubber belts, they do not leave black marks, making them particularly appropriate for those industries where cleanliness is of the utmost importance.  Within the existing programme Gates has even developed a special range meeting stringent FDA (Food & Drug Administration) standards.

Gates SynchroPower® LL belts are available as standard item on 50 m rolls whereas the trapezoidal pitches are available on 61 m rolls.  These open-end belts are a special alternative to chains for reversing positioning drives and are especially suited for linear movements.  They guarantee a quality performance in e.g. robotics, woodworking and automatic assembly applications.

Gates SynchroPower® Welded belts are spliced and welded from open-end belts and can be made to nearly any possible length per teeth increment.  The welds are strong enough to withstand the toughest conveying applications.

Gates now also offers a full range of Gates SynchroPower® high precision endless synchronous belts.  These are available as single belts, Gates Truly Endless (GTE), and as sleeves (SL).  The Gates SynchroPower® GTE belts are available in lengths from 2500 mm until 12.5 metres.  Compared to Gates SynchroPower® W belts with welded cords, the GTE belts have an endless helically wound cord, enhancing the belt’s strength.  The Gates SynchroPower® GTE and SL are ideal for high speed, high torque power transmission applications in the printing, food, textile and many other industries.