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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave November 10, 2007

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates updates cooling systems range and presents new cooling systems catalogue

Gates updates cooling systems range and presents new cooling systems catalogue
Gates’ aim to offer complete product ranges results in a continuous expansion of its product lines. Gates has expanded its range of curved hoses with 32 additional references and the thermostat range with 36 references. These additions to the range have also been included in the new Gates cooling system catalogue which provides all information on cooling system hoses, thermostats and caps for passenger cars and light-duty vehicles. 
The thermostat is the “watchdog” of a car’s cooling system. It constantly monitors the temperature of the coolant and regulates coolant flow through the radiator. It operates many times each day during driving and should therefore be designed for long service life. Gates premium quality thermostats provide a precise fit and prevent leakage. Their temperature sensitive heat motor allows precise engine cooling, in order to guarantee optimum engine performance. With the addition of 36 references to the thermostat range Gates has a coverage of 9,060 applications.
With the extension of 32 additional references to the curved radiator hose range Gates has one of the most comprehensive curved hose lines on the European replacement market. These 32 references cover 361 applications, including hoses for popular models such as Mercedes C180, C200 and SLK230, Volkswagen Golf and Passat, Toyota Corolla, Yaris and RAV4, Audi A3 and A4, etc. Gates curved hoses are factory moulded for upper, lower, bypass, heater and other coolant applications. 
These extensions have also been included in Gates new cooling system catalogue. Another new feature in this catalogue is the completely new range of Unicoil™ hose bending products. If a hose needs bending, this Gates product is the ideal solution. Next to the above mentioned novelties the catalogue contains an extensive introduction on Gates products for automotive applications, technical information on Gates cooling system products and a description on how to use the catalogue.  Alphabetical listings by vehicle make identify the matching hose and thermostat references. As usual Gates has also included clearly structured listings to guide the user to the required Gates replacement product for a specific car make, based on the motor type, capacity and model year. A further chapter in the catalogue contains size listings of the Gates cooling system hoses, as well as pictures of all curved hoses and thermostats. With the conversion lists one can easily identify the Gates hose or thermostat corresponding to the OE reference.