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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave October 20, 2007

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates launches Stretch Fit™,the new extension to the Micro-V® XF multi-ribbed belt programme

At the Equip Auto trade show, Gates launches its new range of Stretch Fit multi-ribbed belts. This type of belt is the solution for all new drive systems which are designed without tensioning devices.
With this addition to the multi-ribbed belt range, Gates wants to offer the independent aftermarket yet another professional solution for the accessory belt drive system. The Stretch Fit multi-ribbed belts are revolutionary in the way that they are pretensioned over the pulleys, thus maintaining tension that is sufficient for efficient power transmission over a long period of time, yet low enough to allow for easy installation and to prevent component failure. Before installation the belt is shorter than the actual working length but once it is fitted it stretches and automatically adjusts to the right tension of the drive, hence the name Stretch Fit
The Stretch Fit belt construction features a highly wear resistant back fabric and Polyamide tensile cords which ensure an optimum load-carrying capacity and the specific stretch property of the belt. The fibre-reinforced EPDM belt ribs provide an excellent resistance to oil leaks and also to wear and pilling. The low belt profile makes the belt highly flexible and offers increased belt stability giving noise and vibrations no chance.
A Stretch Fit belt, like any other elastic belt, needs to be installed by use of the appropriate mounting tool otherwise the belt can be damaged. Therefore, Gates has developed re-usable universal and specific tools offering the mechanic everything he needs to guarantee a perfect installation of Gates Stretch Fit™ belts.
The Stretch Fit™ belt range is part of Gates multi-ribbed belt programme for the accessory drive system which offers multi-ribbed Micro-V® XF belts, DriveAlign® tensioners, and Micro-V® XF multi-ribbed belt kits. Detailed information on part numbers, sizes, applications and tools will be included in the new Gates Drive Systems Catalogue to be released early 2008.