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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave January 22, 2008

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates rewards winners of Unicoil™ competition

Gates competition which rewards the most innovative or stylish use of the Unicoil has been closed, so it is time to announce the winner. The entry by Lauri Nieminen from the company Vihti in Finland has been voted the most creative or innovative concept. The second place is for Richard Gorton from the company AG Block in the UK. Peter de Bree from Kuhne Automotive, the Netherlands, takes the third place.
The competition started in June 2007 at the time of the product launch and lasted until December 15. The Unicoil™ is a simple solution to bend any type of hose in any shape meanwhile preventing the hose from collapsing or kinking.   Participants to the competition could send in a picture showing the use of the product in an original application.
Unicoil can not only be used in many automotive applications where hoses are essential but the application range and the potential for this product are unlimited. This has been proven by Lauri Nieminen who covered Unicoil springs with heat shrink tubing to prevent short circuits in his liquid cooling DYI PC.  He wins a home theatre system.
Richard Gorton wins a Digital DVD Camcorder with his demo engine in which he used a Unicoil to curve a piece of hose through 180 degrees in order to have a correct coolant flow without the need for a heater. The third prize, a DVD player, has been won by Peter de Bree from the Dutch distributor Kuhne Automotive. He applied Unicoil in his boat to prevent short circuits. 
Veronik Vereeken, Product Manager at Gates, said to be very pleased with the outcome of the competition: “From the very start this product has proven to be a success”, she says, “the Unicoil is in fact a simple product but nevertheless a great problem solver for all kinds of industries and applications.”