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Gates Synchro-Power® polyurethane belts are designed for long lasting and energy-efficient performance on both power transmission and linear applications. They are built in endless and open-end versions in various sizes, constructions and tooth designs handling a wide range of loads, speeds and applications. Polyurethane is extremely wear and fatigue resistant and at the same time highly flexible. Product quality is visible through numerous details. Tolerances are tight and accurate, perfect tooth meshing is achieved. Gates Synchro-Power® blue sleeves are the most recent addition to the polyurethane belt product range. They are available up to 200 mm width and can easily be recognised by their blue colour.


Branded on the back of the belt indicating pitch, length and production code.


• The polyurethane body offers excellent abrasion resistance and therefore a very clean running system without accumulations of debris.
• The polyurethane teeth offer exceptional rigidity, which reduces tooth flexing and ensures more stability in your overall system.
• Synchro-Power® sleeves
- are truly endless and have no joint;
- are supplied with steel tensile cords.
• Synchro-Power® Long Length belts
- are manufactured as open-end extruded belts;
- are supplied with steel, stainless steel or aramid tensile cords, depending on
the belt construction;
- the tensile cords are located parallel to the belt edges and exactly
perpendicular to the belt teeth, and exert little or no side force;
- the optional nylon tooth and/or back facing reinforce the surface and protect it against wear.


• Wide range of tooth profiles to meet all application requirements.
• Clean, quiet and smooth-running operation.
• No lubrication required.
• Standard product suited for -5°C up to +70°C. For applications outside this range, please consult your Gates representative.
• Suited for use in harsh environments.
• Broad application range: automatic assembly operations, horizontal and vertical doors, printing applications, conveying equipment, textile industry, packaging machinery … and many more.
• First class performance on both power transmission (endless) and linear
applications (open-end).


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