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Safe Hydraulics

safehydraulicsA higher standard in safety

Did you know that a burst hydraulic hose assembly under pressure can cause serious injury or even worse? 

According to European legislation:
-          the assembler can be held responsible for the consequences of a failed hydraulic hose assembly (EC Directive 98/37)
-          “Mixing and matching” hose and connectors of different sources not tested and validated together could not only entail serious safety risks but also be in violation of EC Directive 98/37 and EN 982.

With the Safe Hydraulics Europe initiative, Gates is committed to improving understanding of hydraulic safety issues and European legislation.  Because what you don’t know could kill you.

What is Safe Hydraulics?

-          The evolution of the Gates world-class training programme
-          A comprehensive training seminar covering the vital aspects of hydraulic hose preventive maintenance and safety

How does it work?

-          Seminars are available only via authorised Gates distributor-partners
-          Certified trainers deliver the training with practical examples, emphasis on key safety issues and EU legislation 
-          Participants welcome from all industries, backgrounds and level of hydraulic knowledge 

Safe Hydraulics: Preventive maintenance for safe, reliable and productive machines

Click here to learn all about the Gates Safe Hydraulics programme

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