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 Quick-Lok™     QUICK - EASY - LEAK-FREE


Over 400 million connections are made in hydraulic equipment each year. With the existing threaded technology the key issues are the time taken and the equipment and skill needed to make a connection. Another difficulty lies in controlling the process to ensure a leak-free environment. Gates has responded to these needs and developed a new technology known as QUICK-LOK™: a range of quick-to-connect threadless hydraulic couplings which have a snap-in connection that eliminates torque and the use of assembly tools.

This is what makes Quick-Lok™ threadless couplings from Gates a smart investment:

1) The quickest solution
Quick-Lok™ couplings are connected by hand. Simply push and click into place. No time lost applying the correct amount of torque.

2) The easiest solution
Quick-Lok™ couplings are threadless. With threading eliminated, torque settings are not required and both line side connection tooling and installation difficulties belong to the past.

3) The safest leak-free solution
Quick-Lok™ rules out any kind of variation in the process of connecting hose assemblies to ports: either the connection is made and 100% leak-free, or there is no connection at all.

Not only are leaks in the coupling-adaptor interface eliminated, but also the hose-coupling interface is 100% leak-free. The new Gates Quick-Lok™ couplings are part of the Gates MegaCrimp® product family with proven expertise in innovative design features: a MegaCrimp® coupling with bite-the-wire tooth profile and patented C-insert ensuring a leak-free, concentric and full-length crimp withstands impulse testing to 600,000 cycles in combination with Gates Global wire-braid hose.
 Quick-Lok™     QUICK - EASY - LEAK-FREE


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