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Design Capabilities

Gates helps design engineers meet everyday and out-of-the-box challenges when designing power transmission systems. No matter how specific or unique your cost and performance targets, our broad range of products and application expertise can help you find the optimal solution. Consult with our engineers at any or all stages of the design process: system design, component selection, prototyping, customized delivery solutions. We’ll help you design the best belt drive possible.

Part Search

Find belt drive system components quickly with our new electronic catalog. Select from over 28,000 items. Drill down to find specific belts or hardware. Or search by product attributes. If you know the part number, enter it in the search box for instant access to detailed product information.

Engineering tools and catalogs for belt drive design & more

Drive Geometry

Design a belt drive in minutes, not hours. Put aside that bulky drive design manual and calculator.

Use our free Design Flex® Pro™ software tool to design a two-point drive from scratch. Or you can modify an existing drive integrating Gates technology. Just enter your drive design parameters and get numerous drive solutions that fit your design. Select the best option and print, email or create a PDF file for your records. You can even design your drive online using Gates Design Flex® Web™ tool.

For complex or multi-point drives, use our free Design IQ® software tool to assure the optimal drive design.

For personalized help with your design, contact a Gates Product Application Engineer. Call 303-744-5800 or email ptpasupport@gates.com.

New Designs

The most innovative and successful new drive designs result from early and close collaboration between our skilled engineers and yours. Using systems engineering, we work with you to find solutions based on the highly interdependent nature of individual drive components. Years of engineering experience combined with sophisticated simulation programs and test apparatus results in complete, integrated and highly functional drive systems that meet your goals.

For personalized help with your design, contact a Gates Product Application Engineer. Call 303-744-5800 or email ptpasupport@gates.com.

Outside of North America, click here to get local contact information.

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Case Studies

See the design innovations resulting from close collaboration between customer and Gates engineering teams.

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Design belt drives, find parts and download 2D and 3D solid models with these handy software tools.