Almost every recent car model is equipped with an overrunning alternator pulley. That is why Gates decided to add a line of DriveAlign® overrunning alternator pulleys (OAP) to its range. Gates now has everything you need to guarantee a fully reliable accessory belt drive system: from multi-ribbed belts over torsional vibration dampers to expert tools.

  • Allows the use of alternators with increased power output.
  • Reduces the influence of the alternator mass on the belt drive.
  • Decreases wear and tear on all belt drive components.
  • Eliminates belt slip and therefore noise.
  • Absorbs vibrations and fluctuations.
  • Increases the life span of all accessory belt drive components.

OAP Gates

Illustration of the overrunning function of an OAP.

Watch how the torsional vibrations in the drive are being absorbed.

Watch the difference in performance of the drive.

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