The Gates range of overrunning alternator pulleys covers all major models in the market. Gates also offers the required removal and installation tools. At you will find an OE-quality overrunning alternator pulley (OAP) that fits your application perfectly!
What does an overrunning alternator pulley do?

Seat heating, air conditioning, communication systems and other additional accessories require extra electrical power, which causes the vehicle manufacturers to utilize ever heavier alternators, compromising the belt drive system even more.

Therefore drive specialists created the overrunning alternator pulley to counteract this compromising situation. Millions of vehicles are now factory-equipped with an overrunning alternator pulley, which, as opposed to a conventional solid alternator pulley, absorbs vibrations in the accessory belt drive system.

The Gates DriveAlign® overrunning alternator pulley increases the performance and durability of all components in the accessory belt drive system.

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OAP Gates

Illustration of the overrunning function of an OAP.

Watch how the torsional vibrations in the drive are being absorbed.

Watch the difference in performance of the drive.

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