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For Immediate Release October 23, 2013

Contact: Patricia Vauzelle

Gates G-Force™belts, the next generation of CVT belts

From snowmobiles to scooters and quad bikes, Gates continues to lead worldwide the way in CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) belt innovation and technology with a complete line of CVT products. To meet the demands of today’s recreational and utility all-terrain equipment, Gates has introduced the next CVT belt generation into the market, the G-Force™ belt.

Utilizing proprietary design software combined with the most advanced composite materials and construction technology, this product line was originally developed and approved for the OEM as the ultimate high-tech component for transferring power on snowmobiles or other power sports equipment.

The G-Force™ belt is now also available to the Aftermarket in two versions: the new standard G-Force™ belt built in high performance neoprene belt with advanced tensile cord materials and the G-Force™ C12 belt, the revolutionary breakthrough in CVT belt design with carbon tensile cord bonded to aramid fiber loaded rubber. Whether trail or extreme riding, these belts can handle the most demanding off-road conditions and on-the-job conditions.

The new high-performance aramid fiber loaded rubber belt version, the G-Force™ C12 belt offers Original Equipment technology featuring trapezoid top-notch and rounded cog design for superior flexibility and heat dissipation. Combining minimal stretch with extraordinary strength, it is the first CVT belt utilizing a carbon tensile cord. Carbon tensile cords are bonded with specially formulated adhesion gum to aramid fiber loaded rubber resulting in increased side-load resistance which prevents belt distortion and edge cord pullout. Carbon tensile cords provide optimal power transmission resulting in faster acceleration, improved throttle response and consistent shifting performance.

Extreme real-world testing has proven the G-Force™ belt to be high performing and durable, with no clutching adjustments.  Designed for superior fit, performance and durability, G-Force™ requires zero clutching adjustments at installation. Dynamometer testing proves G-Force™ belts outlast other high-performance belts by as much as 5 times.