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Automotive Replacement
Gates offers several handy and practical tools to facilitate and quicken your job. Gates Krikit I & II tension gauges allow control and maintenance of the optimum tension for V- and Micro-V® belts. With the belt number finder you can define the Gates replacement numbers for V-belts and Micro-V® belts, even if you only have a used belt at your disposal.
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»Download the tool sheets specific to your car engine(s)

Universal tools

Sonic belt tension meter STT-1
Krikit I V-belt tension gauge
Krikit II Micro-V ® belt tension gauge
DriveAlign® laser alignment tool
V- and Micro-V ® XF belt length finder
Hose diameter finder
Hose cutter
Sprocket Holding tool
Multi-lock/uni-lock combination
Serpentine Belt tool set
Universal camshaft sprocket holding tool with inte
Alternator pulley remover/Installer Kit
Oil Filter wrench
Automatic tensioner pin set
Overrunning Alternator Pulley Remover/Installer Ki
Universal Stretch Fit™ installation tools
Hose Clamp/Clip Plier Set – Coolant Hoses
Hose Clip Plier Set – Fuel Lines/Small Hoses
Ribbed Auxiliary Pulley Remover
Multi-Position Camshaft Sprocket Remover
TDC Finder – (Top Dead Centre)
Engine-specific timing tools
Engine-specific timing tool sheets
Associated tools sheets
Stretch Fit™ installation tool sheets

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