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Synchronous belt drive systems - FAQ

Product Tips & Technical Information
SBDS 1: The belt diagrams shown on the timing belt and timing kit box labels, both feature a 'T' symbol. What does it mean?
SBDS 2: The OEM timing belt on this car has a 'dimple' in the teeth. My Gates replacement belt does not. Can I still use it?
SBDS 3: Why do some OE timing belts have white fabrics while the related Gates belts are black?
SBDS 4: Why is it that in order to tension the belt on some engines, you turn the engine and then re-tension the belt?
SBDS 5: Occasionally, I find a stitch or seam on a timing belt. Can this cause any problems?
SBDS 6: How long can a timing belt be stored before being installed? Does it have a shelf life?
SBDS 7: The back of some Gates timing belts look different from the others. Why is that?
SBDS 8: Why does the engine have to be at ambient temperature before you tension the belt?
SBDS 9: Will a belt ever break at the point where the cords are joined together?
SBDS 10: Why does driving in off-road conditions reduce the durability of synchronous drive belts so drastically?
SBDS 11: Some of the belts in the Gates catalogue are the same length and have the same number of teeth. Does it matter which one I use?
SBDS 12: Can I re-install a used timing belt?
SBDS 13: Why does the cord visibility on the side of the belt differs from belt to belt?
SBDS 14: I have a timing belt with an arrow across the width of the belt. What does it mean?
SBDS 15: Why do some PowerGrip® belts have timing marks of a different colour?
SBDS 16: Why is there a difference between the OE part I've just taken off and the new tensioner / idler in the Gates kit?
SBDS 17: What is the difference between kits numbered K01xxxx, K02xxxx and K03xxxx, for example?
SBDS 18: Why does it say "This side up" on some boxes at Gates?
SBDS 19: How can the timing belt tension be incorrect if the drive is equipped with an automatic tensioner?
SBDS 20: Why don't you put Technical Bulletins inside all of the kits?
SBDS 20: Why don't you put Technical Bulletins inside all of the kits?
SBDS 21: I received two kits with identical part numbers. One contains a metal pulley, the other a plastic pulley. Which kit can I install?
SBDS 22: Why don't Gates supply installation instructions with timing belts?
SBDS 23: Why do hydraulic tensioners have to be stored in a particular way?
SBDS 24: Why are some drive pulleys slightly oval-shaped?
SBDS 25: Do you have to rotate a tensioner in a specific direction in order to get the correct tension?
SBDS 26: What is the standard Gates warranty?
SBDS 27: Where will I find the the instructions about how to use a Gates timing belt tool kit?
SBDS 28: Are there any planned updates for the data chip inside my STT-1 Gates SBDS tension tester?
SBDS 29: Why won't my Gates STT-1 tension tester accept the belt number when I type it in?