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Welding Nipple-Pipe screwjoints
Welding Nipple Coupling EMB weld nipples are utilised in areas of hydraulic circuitry when any or all of the following conditions may be present. For example: extreme vibration and pulsating loads; very heavy pressure surges in systems, extreme temperatures and temperature variations.

Where failure at joints would result in prohibitive costs. Weld nipples can be easily complemen-ted using solderless pipe screwjoints to DIN 2352/ISO 8434-1. The cutting ring is removed and the welding nipple is fitted in its place.

The Working-pressure (PB) of complete Weld-nipple-fittings is determined by the component showing the lowest pressure e.g. working pressure! (pipe, weld-nipple, fittings).
Welding Nipple-Pipe screwjoints

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