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Preferred supplier

Gates is preferred supplier to important automotive aftermarket buying groups

  • Temot Preferred Supplier
  • ADI Preferred Supplier
  • GAUI ‘Supplier of the Year’: in 2009, Gates was awarded for the 4th time in 5 years.
  • ATR IPAS (International Preferred ATR Supplier).

At the GAUI (Groupauto Union International ) supplier meetings, taking place in Madrid from May 25 to 28, Gates has won the GAUI ‘Supplier of the Year’ award. It is already the fourth
time – in five years time - that we are recognised as the group’s best supplier in terms of quality, product availability and technical support.

Temot International Autoparts, an international group of leading warehouse distributors of automotive spare parts, recognised Gates Power Transmission Europe with the ‘Best Preferred Supplier 2006’ award. More info...

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