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Extra Service ESPB PowerBand® banded multiple V-belt

ES Powerband banded multiple v

Trucks, buses & tractors (Prod.type 8582)

This belt replaces original equipment joined belts on heavy-duty problem or high-load drives. It consists of two or more banded V-belts joined together by a permanent reinforced rubber tie band. This strong band controls belt-to-belt distance and keeps the belts from bending sideways. Thanks to its construction PowerBand® is specially suited for vibration and shock sensitive drives where single belts turn over or jump off the pulleys.

• Wrapped with Flex-Weave® fabric for maximum protection in severe working conditions

• Concave sidewalls for optimum contact with the pulley and uniform belt load

• Strong flex-bonded tensile cords

• Polychloroprene compound withstands oil, heat and wear



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