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MegaSys® Wire-braid Constant Pressure Hoses and MegaCrimp® Couplings
PowerGrip® GTX

Construction features

  • Exceeds ISO 11237/EN 857 and EN 853 standard performance requirements
  • M3K now available with a higher working pressure of 22.5 MPa
  • Bends up to 40% of the EN 853 minimum bend radius and 50% of the ISO 11237/EN 857
  • Tested to industry-leading 600,000 impulse cycles at 100°C and at 133% working pressure
  • Available with MegaTuff™ cover offering 300 times the abrasion resistance of the standard MxK cover, as well as superior ozone and weathering resistance
  • Available with XtraTuff™ cover offering 25 times the abrasion resistance of the standard MxK cover
  • MSHA flame resistant cover
  • No-skive coupling solution, fully qualified to EN performance and designed to fit 1- and 2- wire-braid hoses, including large bore dimensions
  • Robust “Bite-the-wire” crimp with Gates patented “C” insert
  • Full-Torque Nut™ technology


  • Eliminates the need for spring guards and protective sleeving thanks to the high abrasion-resistant cover types
  • Reduces downtime by eliminating damaged hose/coupling interfaces
  • Provides stronger and more durable coupling solutions than with traditional staked-nut fittings
  • The patented insert ensures crimping forces are evenly distributed to form a concentric crimp
  • Provides a robust coupling design for a leak-free seal
  • Eliminates contamination, odours and dust normally created by skiving
  • Reduces inventory requirements since one MegaCrimp® coupling size can accommodate various hose outside diameters
  • One coupling fits all as the MegaCrimp® coupling is designed to fit 1- and 2- wire-braid hoses as well as fibre-braid hoses
  • Provides a further plus on inventory management, HSE and performance with the GlobalSpiral™ Plus (GSP) coupling. The stem of this no-skive 2-piece coupling can also be used for 4-spiral hoses in size -24 and -32

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