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Think outside the toolbox - Gates Automotive PIC Gauge

Gates PIC Gauge smartphone App

A new approach to belt wear

Gates Parts Image Capture (PIC) Gauge is an easy-to-use smartphone app that accurately and reliably evaluates belt wear.

PIC Gauge uses a photograph taken with the smartphone’s built-in camera and uses patent-pending technology to determine the degree of rib wear on an accessory belt.

Learn here how easy it is to detect belt wear with Gates PIC Gauge:

A professional tool for better service

PIC Gauge allows you to:

  • Quickly perform important maintenance inspections for your customers
  • Show customers the degree of belt wear detected, educating them as to why a belt replacement is recommended
  • Be confident in your recommendations

Get PIC Gauge

Access the iTunes Store or Google Play to download PIC GAUGE.

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How-to guide for PIC Gauge App

Download the step-by-step instructions.

How-To Guide for Pic Gauge App
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