THERMO AGĀ® 570 Ag Spray (Specification 4465)

Recommended for:
Spraying dilute solutions of water and oil based pesticides or herbicides as well as liquid fertilisers. Thermo AG 570 is right at home in the yard, the garden, the park – anywhere you find grass, plants, and trees.
Flexible and kink resistant, it’s made for spraying diluted pesticides and herbicides at working pressures up to 570 psi. It can also be used for spraying most liquid fertilisers.
NOTE: for products containing more than 2% toluene or xylene, use 77B Paint Spray & Chemical Hose.
Temperature: -23°C to +55°C. Maximum temperature
dependent on pesticide/herbicide or chemicals
conveyed. Call Gates Customer Service for applications above +49°C.
Tube: Type G (PVC). Yellow.
Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile textile cord.
Cover: Type G (PVC). Yellow. Striated.
Packaging: All lengths coiled in a polyethylene bag.
Branding: Continuous ink brand. Example: 3/8” 570 PSI WP SPRAY HOSE JAPAN.

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