GC32-XD™ Crimper
GC32-XD™ Crimper
  • The world’s first global crimper.
  • Crimps every hose and coupling in the Gates catalogue.
  • Electrical inverter automatically converts any input voltage greater than 208 volts to 220 volts.
  • Features a 2-stage pump and 5 H.P. motor and is twice as fast as the Gates OmniCrimp® 21 crimper, which it replaces.
  • Equipped with colour-coded die sets and a Quick Change Tool.
Product Number: 7480-7001
Stand Product Number: 7480-7002
Rack Product Number: 7480-7003

MobileCrimp® 4-20
  • The latest in high tech crimping.
  • Portable and lightweight – only 25 kg’s.
  • Powerful enough to crimp up to 1-1/4” I.D. 4 spiral-wire hose.
  • Great for jobs in the field.
  • Digital accuracy for precise, consistent crimping.
Product Number: 7480-0051
Contact Gates for further information on power sources and die sets.

PolarSeal® Hose Portable Crimper II
Gates portable PolarSeal® Crimper II is a hand-operated hose and crimping machine specifically designed for use with Gates PolarSeal refrigerant hose and couplings. Standard dies included will crimp 5/16” (-6 Black), 13/32” (-8 Blue), 1/2” (-10 Green) and 5/8” (-12 Clear) sizes.
  • Portable hand operation, easy to change over from size-to-size.
  • Heavy-duty construction for use with air impact wrenches.
  • Crimps 2-braid dimension or nylon barrier hose.
  • OE-Style bubble crimp.
  • Quick-change dies, no tools required to change sizes.
  • Light-weight for easy handling, less than 3 kg’s.
  • Capable of crimping under-hood air conditioning applications.
  • Removable die holder accommodates complicated shapes.
Product Number: 7480-6599

Gates Hose Cutter Model 6-32
For 6-wire spiral and 2-wire braid hose through 2”
Product Number: 7480-6597
  • Cuts up to 2” I.D. 2-wire braid through 6-spiral reinforced hose.
  • Reversible 10” scalloped-edge, high-speed steel blade with 3/4” bore, can be sharpened.
  • Radius hose feed into blade for reduced friction.
  • USA OSHA approved inner blade guard for safe operation.
  • Power cord supplied with standard 220V, 20 amps, AC Plug. Can be removed for hard wire situations.
  • Includes Coolant Spray System Kit for reduced heat in high-capacity cutting applications (recommended for multi-braid and spiral reinforced hose). Kit includes reservoir, spray nozzle and mounting hardware.
Power Source: 3 H.P. (5.2 H.P. Peak), Single or three phase, 230V,
60 Hz., 15 amp. motor with power cord and plug.

Gates Hand-Held Hose Cutter
Makes clean cuts – no ragged edges. Cuts most non-metal reinforced rubber hose. Excellent for cutting PolarSeal hose, and other non-metallic reinforced hose. Some features are they are lightweight with nylon handles, the blade closes into handle for safety and the cutter and blades packaged individually on shrink-wrapped cards.
Product Number: 7469-0143
Replacement Blade Product Number: 7469-0144

Hand-Operated Hose Perforator Tool
These hose perforators have needle-studded wooden rollers which perforate the covers of non-skive wire braid hose used in high pressure inert gas applications. They are hand-operated so the operator can control the degree of perforation in the hose cover.
1-1/4” Hose Perforator for 3/16” – 3/4” I.D. Hose
Product Number: 7482-6565
Dimension: 2-1/2” O.D. roller by 1-1/4” wide by 8” OAL.
3” Hose Perforator for 1” – 2” I.D. Hose
Product Number: 7482-6566
Dimension: 3-3/4” O.D. roller by 3” wide by 9-1/2” OAL.

Gates Nylon Protective Sleeve
Solves abrasion problems
Gates Nylon Sleeves perform a dual role, they provide excellent abrasion resistance to protect individual hoses and they can be used to bundle several hose assemblies together for maximum protection. Downtime and maintenance costs are reduced. These Nylon Sleeves are unique because they form an extra protective layer against abrasive forces.

Gates PowerGrip SB Clamps
The perfect solution to neatly clamp nylon sleeve to couplings. Gates PowerGrip SB Clamps shrink to seal nylon sleeve couplings forming a smooth, obstruction free seal.
  • Easy to install with an ordinary heat gun, no scraped hands.
  • Conform to any shape of hose and housing, even out-of-round fittings.
  • Made from a heat-sensitive thermoplastic with a memory to prevent over or under-tightening.
  • Unique indicator tells when the clamp has shrunk to seal.
Temperature rating: -40°C to +150°C
Packaging: 10 per carton.

HeatGuard™ Protective Sheathing
It can take the heat
HeatGuard is a protective sheathing, constructed of tightly woven fibreglass on the inside and a specially compounded, heat resistant, silicone rubber cover on the outside and is completely non-asbestos. HeatGuard provides superior protection in work environments that can reach high temperatures. Its special silicone coating can also withstand a broad range of solvents and fuels. It goes on easily over most hose and couplings, with only hose clamps or wire ties required fastening. Temperature rating: -54°C to +260°C. Packaging: 15.24mtrs per carton.
Please contact your nearest Gates distributor to request a copy of the HeatGuard flyer (P/N# 496-4007)

PolySleeve™ High Density Polyethylene Hose Wrap
Gates new PolySleeve is a spiral wrap designed to protect or bundle hoses for appearance and safety. PolySleeve protects hoses from chaffing, rubbing, crushing, ultraviolet rays and other hazards that cause hose failures. It can be an easy and economical way to protect equipment, reduce down time, improve sighting and improve overall appearance.
  • Safe, affordable protection for hydraulic and pneumatic lines.
  • Easy to install before or after assembly fabrication or installation.
  • Guards against harsh environmental conditions for reduced downtime.
  • Comes with rounded edges both inside and out for added safety.
  • Available in two colours (black or yellow), multiple sizes for individual hose or bundling.
  • Effective temperature range from -40°C to 138°C.
Please contact your nearest Gates distributor to request a copy of the PolySleeve flyer (P/N# 496-4004)

Gates Vinyl Bend Restrictor
Protects hose near the coupling
Gates tapered PVC sleeve reduces bending stress in the hose near the coupling to prevent damage, such as in power wash applications. Installed during hose assembly, this smoothly finished product withstands temperatures from -40°C to +93°C.

Gates OE-Style Clamp Collars
To locate clamps and protect hose
Previously available only through equipment dealerships, clamp collars are common on many types of construction equipment. The collars are actually crimped onto a hydraulic hose, reducing hose movement and minimising abrasion.

Ideal Hose Clamps
Ideal manufacturers a broad line of standard worm drive, t-bolts, p-clips and specialty hose clamps and come in a wide variety of constructions, from plated carbon steel to 316 stainless steel which are designed to satisfy a wide range of fastening applications.
Please contact your nearest Gates distributor to request a copy of the Ideal product catalogue (P/N# 496-2091)

Gates Hydraulic O-Ring Assortment Kit
Full assortment of o-rings
The kit comprises 24 popular sized o-rings to suit 61 & 62 Flange, Flat Faced and O-ring Male boss fittings. Each o-ring compartment within the kit contains 10 single o-rings for the designated size. In total 240 o-rings are supplied.
Product Number: GORKIT

Gates Hose Merchandiser Display
Vertical Hydraulic Hose Cabinet
Rack up sales and get organised at the same time with a vertical hydraulic hose cabinet from Gates.
  • Six narrow and two wide slots to stock a variety of hydraulic hose.
  • Designed to support one hydraulic coupling cabinet on top for maximum efficiency.
  • Designed to be used as a base for the 4-drawer cabinet (maximum).
  • Product Number: 7484-0022

Coupling/Clamp Cabinet with 4 Sliding Shelves

  • Shelves slide out for easy access and can hold a combination of bin boxes.
  • Dimensions 1.04m wide x 0.53m high x 0.3m deep.
  • Product No: 7484-0010

Plastic Bin Boxes

  • Ordered separately for whatever configuration fits your needs.
  • Four dividers come with each bin box. Each bin box has 9 available slots, which allows maximum utilisation.
DESCRIPTION Part # Product #
Ten 88mm wide bins with three dividers each



Five 177mm wide bins with three dividers each



Four dividers for 88mm wide bin boxes



Four dividers for 177mm wide bin boxes




91140 Reel Merchandiser
Compact, free standing merchandiser, containing three fast selling hose sizes for Fuel Line, PVC and EEC applications, plus three popular sizes of tubing for windshield washers and vacuum operated accessories.
Vacuum Tubing: Synthetic rubber construction, ideal for windshield washers, vacuum operated accessories and radiator overflow applications. Highly kink-resistant.
Fuel Line, PCV & EEC Hose: Multi-purpose hose for use on fuel lines, PCV and EEC systems, and for low pressure rubber hose connections on fuel injection systems. Vacuum rating of 24 in.Hg for sizes less than 1/2” I.D. to 3/4” I.D.
Product Number: 91140

Hydraulic Coupling Templates
These templates provide a fast and easy way to measure North American threads, International threads, and flange ends, seat angles (37° and 45°) and hose I.D. Product Number: 428-7108

Stainless Steel Digital Calliper
Calliper features an easy-to-read LCD screen clearly displaying the crimp
diameter digitally. Capable of four-way measurement…inside, outside, depth and step. Constructed of hardened stainless steel and comes in a handy, protective carrying case.
Product Number: 7369-0322

Pocket Thread Identification Kit
To properly identify the correct Gates replacement couplings, the measuring tools shown below should be used.
Product Number: 7369-4318
Contents: Callipers, Seat Gauges (English), Seat Gauges (Metric), Thread Gauges and a Thread I.D. Guide.

Gates Safe Hydraulics Program
The Gates Hydraulic Safety and Preventive Maintenance Program helps you cut costs and prevent injuries from hydraulic assembly failures. It’s free information for maintenance managers, repair technicians and machine operators – in-fact anyone else working with high power fluid pressure systems.
Contact Gates or your Gates distributor to arrange this hands-on, two hour seminar that is offered free to qualified organisations. Topics include inspection procedures, troubleshooting, hose and coupling selection, hose assembly, and crimper preventive maintenance. Plus, you’ll get a 72-page Safe Hydraulics Manual, with additional details and step-by-step procedures.

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