Gates Live Swivels
A New Twist on Leak-Free Hydraulic Connections

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs with Gates Live Swivels. Gates Live Swivels use a new patented technology eliminating the weaknesses present in traditional ball bearing design swivels. Our advanced “Ball-Less” design will outlast and outperform all bearing and race products in the market today.
Live Swivel

Gates Innovative Live Swivel Coupling Features:
  • 360 degree rotation
  • No ball bearing design eliminates metal to metal fatigue
  • Rebuild ability to increase overall component life
  • Handles high operating pressure up to 6,000 PSI rating
  • Self lubricating with superior sealing capacity
  • Unsurpassed reliability and hydraulic shock resistant
  • Will not separate under extreme operating conditions
  • Increased component service life – 290,000 Impulse Cycles at max. PSI
  • Temp Range -40ºC to 100ºC
Live Swivel Application

Robust Design Outperforms Competition

  • Robust design with free-floating, self-lubricating thrust washer has replacement factor of up to 10x traditional swivels
  • Compact body size to fit a wide range of applications
  • Withstands higher pull forces as compared to bearing and race swivels which remain loose to allow for bearing play
  • No lock screw to break or become damaged
  • Double O-Ring design protects against contamination and premature seal deterioration
  • Engineered to weep as an indicator of service interval eliminating emergency breakdowns
  • Lower cost due to longer service life, fewer hydraulic leaks and less downtime
  • Simple de-torque and rebuild serviceability in the field or shop
  • No special tools required for service

Cost Saving Rebuild Kits

Reduce operating costs and down time by rebuilding Gates Live Swivels.

Gates patented leak-free Live Swivels are specifically engineered to begin weeping as an indicator that rebuilding is required. This allows for scheduled maintenance versus emergency breakdown situations. If you notice the swivel starting to weep, servicing can be done easily in the field or shop. There are no ball bearings to fumble with and it takes less than five minutes to replace the seals and O-Rings. Rebuild kits allow for:

  • Increased productivity
  • Longer component life
  • More equipment uptime
  • Improved return-on-investment

Gates Live Swivel Rebuild Kits are matched to specific applications ensuring superior performance. Kits contain genuine low friction; self-lubricating polymer thrust washers and Viton O-Rings for durability and longer product life.

Cost factors to consider when purchasing Live Swivels:

  • Component life expectancy and durability
  • Rebuild ability
  • Hydraulic fluid loss due to component failure
  • Contaminant ingress
  • Non-productive downtime
  • Clean-up of heavy oil spills
  • Safety concerns

With almost 100 years of innovation and experience, Gates Corporation supplies the highest quality hydraulic parts and equipment in the market today. Gates offers a full line of the most reliable and advanced swivel technologies to increase productivity and reduce operating costs of modern hydraulic systems.

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