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     Extra Service Micro-V® Horizon™ multi-ribbed belt

ES micro-v Horizon™ multi ribbed Trucks, buses & tractors (Prod.type 8542)

This high-performance belt with longitudinal V-ribs is designed to replace original belts on serpentine drives and other heavy-duty ribbed applications. It is recommended for high-speed, small- diameter applications requiring increased power transmission. 

• Low profile increases flexibility. 

• Ground, longitudinal V-ribs perfectly match the pulley grooves. 

• Strong polyester tensile cords resist elongation and heat and are inseparably bonded to the surrounding rubber. 

• Polyester reinforced cover protects the belt against possible damage and wear caused by a back idler/tensioner. 

• Extra heavy-duty construction resists cracking and wear to provide longer service life. 

•Fibre-reinforced rubber compound resists oil, heat and wear.

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