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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave April 8, 2009

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates further expands heavy-duty product range

Unexpected breakdowns cause a considerable loss of time and high costs. In order to avoid unwanted delays, spare parts have to assure reliable and trouble-free performance.  Recognising the demands of trucks, buses and commercial vehicles, Gates provides a broad range of specific heavy-duty products under the label “Extra Service” which guarantees top quality and long service life.
Gates has further expanded its Extra Service Micro-V® XF belt range, totalling 260 items and herewith covering 3,602 applications.  This multi-ribbed belt programme is built to original equipment quality and engineered specifically to withstand the extremely demanding working conditions of heavy-duty applications in trucks, buses and tractors. Extensive testing has shown that this belt lasts up to twice as long as standard multi-ribbed belts. The belts’ strength is in the newly developed polyester tensile cords which guarantee low stretch and optimum load-carrying capacity at even the highest tensions.
In addition, Gates offers a broad selection of Extra Service DriveAlign® tensioners also engineered to withstand extreme peak-to-peak vibration typical of heavy-duty applications.  Gates’ heavy-duty tensioners are equipped with a high-tech composite damping system which allows them to reduce vibration dramatically and maximise tensioner and belt life.
All application information can be found on Gates online application catalogue at