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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave December 10, 2004

Contact: Ann Sabbe

Gates launches new PowerGrip® GT3 belt, outperforming all other rubber synchronous belts

Gates is launching a new powerful synchronous rubber belt PowerGrip® GT3.  This PowerGrip® GT3 belt transmits up to 30% more power than previous generation belts.  It is available in five pitches: 2MGT, 3MGT, 5MGT, 8MGT and 14MGT and covers a wide range of applications.

Gates PowerGrip® GT3 belt is designed for optimum performance on a wide range of applications.  The entire range runs on existing drives and does not require any adaptation of the system.  

The small pitches – 2MGT, 3MGT and 5MGT – are ideal for compact drives on hand tools, business machines, domestic appliances, high precision servomotor drives and multi-axis applications.

PowerGrip® GT3 8MGT and 14MGT pitches are a good alternative to HTD® 8 and 14 pitch belts and are standard static conductive to ISO 9563.  Hence these belts can be used in hazardous explosive areas.  They can also be supplied in a silicone-free construction and are therefore ideal for painting processes.  As contamination risks are excluded, it is the ideal belt for car accessory applications.