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Voor onmiddellijke vrijgave September 17, 2004

Contact: Ann Sabbe

Gates Polyflex® JB™ polyurethane V-belt range extended

Gates has extended its Polyflex® JB™ polyurethane multiple V-belt range to include the 3M pitch in joined belt configuration.  The Polyflex® JB™ belt is now available as standard in 3M-JB, 5M-JB, 7M-JB and 11M-JB sections and in effective lengths from 175 mm up to 2300 mm. 

Gates Polyflex® JB™ is a multiple V-belt with high power density in small spaces.  Polyflex® JB™ belts provide more load-carrying capacity at higher speeds (in excess of over 10000 rpm) to small precision multiple V-belt drives.  This results in significant cost savings and improved design freedom.  

The joined belt construction of the Polyflex® JB™ belts, improves the stability of the drive, where the ribs relieve bending stress on small pulleys and provide lateral rigidity.  The 60° angle provides more undercord support to the tensile section and distributes the load more evenly.  The polyurethane compound has a high friction coefficient and resists fatigue, wear and ozone. 

Gates Polyflex® JB™ multiple V-belts are recommended for use on bench type milling machines, lathe drives, woodworking and metalworking machine spindle drives, computer peripheral equipment, small blowers, etc.